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TJMJ Mobile Wash

Commercial Restaurant Hood System Cleaning

Commercial Restaurant Hood System Cleaning

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TJMJ Mobile Wash is a family-owned and operated power washing business since 1983. We have provided excellent service for hundreds of restaurants, wineries, retirement homes, casinos and other businesses in Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties. Over 14,000 restaurant hood systems later, TJMJ continues to provide the proven track record that our customers deserve.

In addition to our outstanding service and experience, we operate our trailer mounted pressure washers using clean propane to reduce exhaust emissions. Our pressure washers maintain very high (3000 psi) pressure and a constant temperature of 200 degrees to effectively clean commercial hoods.TJMJ takes pride in helping over 365 customers maintain a clean and safe environment in their restaurants by having their exhaust hoods serviced on a regular basis.

We are licensed and insured and will gladly come out to meet with you to see how TJMJ can be of service! Please call (707) 526-7058 anytime!

All appliances are thoroughly covered prior to power washing the hood and the flue.